When it comes to heating your home, there are several options to choose from. Knowing which system is best for your home can be difficult to decide. Ultimately, most consumers make their choices based on their top priorities – installation and maintenance, energy efficiency, and overall cost.

More and more Australian consumers are choosing to switch to a ducted gas heating system – a full-home system that heats efficiently while remaining cost-effective over time. Let’s take a look at the ins-and-outs of ducted gas heating, how it stands up to other common options, and why you should consider making the switch with either a ducted gas heating installation or replacement today.

What Is Ducted Gas Heating? 

At the most basic level, ducted gas heating systems take in cold air, heat the air up via a central heating unit, and then push that heated air throughout the home via ducts, and pump it into various rooms in the house.

One unique element of a gas ducted heating system is the ability to heat entire homes with one unit. The main central heating unit that heats the air is commonly installed in the outside of the home or on the roof and reaches each room through ducts that branch out from the main core unit.

Using a powerful fan, the heating unit pulls in cold air and uses natural gas to heat the air to the desired temperature set by the owner. Once the air heats the rooms, it is then recycled back to the heating unit via return grilles in the vents, keeping the rooms heated despite changing temperatures outside.

Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted Gas Heating’s Advantages – Comfortable Heat at a Comfortable Cost

 The big question that comes with ducted gas heating is cost. When it comes to efficiency, using natural gas to run the heating core unit keeps costs lower than most systems using increasingly expensive electricity to run. In most areas, electricity costs are rising faster than gas, so natural gas heating offers a cost-effective alternative.

Gas ducted systems also allow you to customize which areas of your home are heated. By not using energy to heat less-commonly used areas, you can quickly begin to see savings add up in your energy bills. Here are a few more positives that come with gas ducted heating system:

  • Warmth without drying out your skin
  • Quiet and consistent heating of the entire home
  • Low-carbon footprint and no harmful chemical or allergens
  • Zone-heating settings that allow for customized heating options

Gas Ducted Heating vs. Split-System 

One of gas ducted heating’s biggest competitors is the split-system heating option. With split-system heating, a single, less-expensive unit is only installed in the room where climate-control is desired. At first, split-systems seem like a no-brainer due to the cheaper cost upfront and targeted heating.

However, when taking the entire home as a single unit, gas ducted heating ends up being a smarter choice. With the entire system being built with ducts within the walls of the home, gas ducted systems are far less obtrusive than a split-system unit. Also, a consistent heating profile will keep the entire home comfortable – especially if you choose to use rooms for different purposes over time. While split-systems affect only a single room, ducted systems can be customized to heat different parts of the home as needed.

While both have advantages and disadvantages, for a long-term, whole-home solution, ducted gas heating systems are a great choice.

Should I Pick Gas Ducted or Reverse Cycle? 

Another common question that is asked about heating systems is choosing between gas ducted systems and Reverse Cycle. Both options have advantages for consumers, and each is a popular system in many homes across Australia. However, a little knowledge can go a long way in choosing the right system for your home.

Overall, gas ducted systems have proven to warm homes much more quickly and efficiently than reverse cycle systems. An added plus is the fact that with a gas ducted system the air that the heater pushes into your home won’t cause drying – a common issue when it comes to finding a comfortable heating option. 

While reverse cycle has the ability to switch between heating and cooling, a function that is enticing to many consumers, this ability may end up costing customers more in inefficient utilities. With gas ducted systems, you can build a budget around a consistent price point year-round. With a focus on efficiency, consistency, and comfort, gas ducted systems are a great choice for your home!

Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted vs. Split-System Heating – Which Is Best For Your Pocketbook?

When deciding between which a ducted heating system and a split system, it is important to consider your priorities – are you focused on the upfront costs of purchase and installation or the long term return on your investment?

As we have seen above, a ducted system has a lot more involved functionally for your home than a split system, so the upfront costs of ducted gas heating installation will be more costly. However, as is true with many things in life, the more you invest now, the more you can gain in savings over time. While a split-system may be cheaper to purchase and install, you may end up paying more money, in the long run, to actually run the system for your home.

With a ducted system, you will likely have to pay a bit more upfront to purchase and install, but due to a gas ducted system’s all-around advantages, you will quickly begin to see savings over time. Eventually, you and your family will begin to see these savings pay for the system itself!

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