When it comes to home heating solutions, ducted gas heating systems are one of the most popular choices today. As they are easy to maintain and simple to operate, an increasing number of homeowners in Melbourne are going with these systems to keep them warm and toasty.

Let us look at how gas ducted heating works and the advantages they offer.

Ducted Gas Heating

The components of a gas ducted heating system

The main components in a ducted gas heating installation include:a central heater that heats air using natural gas, a thermostat for temperature control, ducts that transport air between the heater and the rooms, and vents inside the house.

The design of the house determines the location of the heater. The heater may be installed inside the house in a cavity in the ceiling, on the roof, or even inside a cupboard, depending on available space. Alternatively, it may be mounted outside the house. Insulated ducts run from the heater to the rooms, either overhead or below the floor, and these ducts are hidden from sight. Vents, or grilles, are added on the floor, the walls, or the ceiling, depending on the duct layout.

How gas ducted heating works

The central heater uses a fan to draw in air, before heating the air via natural gas combustion. The hot air is then pumped through the ducts to all areas in the house for quick, uniform, and gentle heating. The air inside the house is drawn back by the heater through return vents for reheating and recirculation. This leads to improved efficiency as the temperature inside the house is not affected by the cold air outside.

A thermostat-based control system allows the desired temperature to be set. The thermostat controls the heating component and fan motors to maintain the temperature for optimum comfort. With zoning, a popular feature available in most systems, heating can be turned on or off for each room or area. This leads to a reduction in running costs as unoccupied rooms are not unnecessarily heated.

The advantages of gas ducted heating

Gas ducted heating systems have many benefits. Firstly, they are highly efficient. Although the upfront investment may cost more than some of the other heating systems,high efficiency leads to lower running costs, especially when paired with zoning. Secondly, the system is easy to install and use, and generally requires little maintenance.

Most models also support add-on air conditioning equipment that utilises existing ducts to push out cool, refrigerated air at a low additional cost.

Another benefit is that ducted gas heating is not affected by the temperature outside – it is able to keep your home warm and comfortable, regardless of how cold the outdoor air is.

Plus, even when running at full capacity, the system does not produce much noise, nor does it emanate annoying smells or fumes. The heat produced feels natural and it does not cause dryness. These systems are also environment-friendly with negligible emissions and a lower carbon footprint. Finally, since only the vents are visible, the system is also aesthetically pleasing, allowing it to easily fit in with most interior designs.

About Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning

When going for gas ducted heating systems, it is important to not only look for trusted brands but also reliable installers who can provide the best quality installation.

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Whether you’re looking for a new installation or replacement for an ageing system, Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning will be able to assist you. You can get in touch with their team in Melbourne, and a knowledgeable representative will call on you to understand your exact needs and to help you with a perfect-fit solution that offers the best value.




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