As we head into the cooler months in Melbourne, the temperatures will begin to plummet quickly. Now is an excellent time to think about your heating options and how you will be staying toasty this winter. A great heating option in Melbourne is gas ducted heating as it is clean, eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Gas Ducted Heating is Flexible

Gas ducted heating is flexible and suited to most homes, regardless of size, layout or levels. Gas ducted heating systems can be either installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing one which makes it a perfect option regardless of the age of your home.

Gas Ducted Heating Can Heat the Entire House

With gas ducted heating systems, you can choose to have all rooms heated or just a single room. Most people go for a gas ducted heating system because they want to heat the whole house at the same time, but, with the addition of zoning control, you can also choose to heat just a few rooms.

Ducted Gas Heating

Gas Ducted Heating Systems are Quick and Easy to Install

Installation of gas ducted heating units is rather simple and usually can be done within a day, weather permitting. Our professional installation team has worked in homes of every size and type and will treat your home like their own. Our installation team will ensure that everything goes well and your rooms receive the perfect amount of heat, leaving you to enjoy your system as soon as it is installed.

Ducted Gas Heating is Affordable

In many areas, electricity costs are rising faster than gas, so gas heating offers a cost-effective alternative to more traditional heating options. The heating system can also be paired with zoning control, so that you can choose to heat only rooms that are being used, saving money on your bills. Besides that, a gas ducted system will only use energy when your home is below your target temperature in the thermostat.

When used properly, ducted heating can be incredibly energy efficient, and definitely outshines other heating choices with it comes to low running costs.

Ducted Heating can be Controlled Remotely

Gas ducted heating systems are controlled from a central control panel which is usually located in one of the main rooms in your home. This means you can control the temperature of your home at the touch of a button on the control panel. Control panels can also be zoned, allowing you to easily designate which rooms you would like to heat, and which you don’t. Some ducted heating systems can even be controlled remotely, even when you’re away from home. Ducted heating is an accurate and reliable way to keep the temperature in your home exactly at the level you want it to be.

Gas Ducted Heating is Effective and Efficient in all Climates

Any home heating unit should be resilient, especially in Melbourne which is notorious for its unpredictable weather. Regardless of how cold the weather is outside, ducted heating systems are built to operate normally and ensure that your home is heated according to your needs. You will not have any nasty surprises on your electricity bill when winter strikes.

Gas Ducted Heating is Unintrusive

Aesthetically, gas ducted heating is very simple, hiding in plain sight with ducts being discreetly installed. It is also very quiet when being used and will not make loud noises when it starts up, meaning that you will not be woken up when it switches on during freezing winter mornings.

Bonaire Ducted Gas heating

Ducted Gas Heating is Safe

Ducted gas heating is incredibly safe as it has no exposed hot surfaces, no naked flames, no fume emissions, and no power cords or dials. This makes ducted heating a favourite amongst families as they do not have to worry about little fingers getting hurt. Ducted heating systems are designed to provide a stream of high-quality air and because filters are used, it is less problematic for those with allergies and asthma.

A gas ducted heating system can be a very attractive, affordable and safe heating option for your home. If you would like to discuss whether gas ducted heating is for you, then please contact our friendly team today.



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