As the weather turns cooler and autumn continues to creep across Australia, homeowners are taking a look at their heating units once more. Across the country, many are turning from their current heating methods to the increasingly popular gas ducted heating system.

Gas ducted heating systems are unique in their ability to bring in cold air from outside, heat the air up via a central heating unit, and then push that heated air throughout the home via ducts – thus the name given to the system.

With a gas ducted heating system, homeowners can heat their homes with a single unit rather than relying on multiple methods such as reverse or split-system heating and cooling. However, is gas ducted heating an efficient and cost-effective choice? In this article, we will take a look at gas ducted heating’s average installation costs, as well as the general cost to run the system.

ducted gas heating

How Much Does A Gas Ducted Heating System Cost?

When it comes to installing a gas ducted heating system, it is important to get several quotes for unit cost as well as installation labor costs to get a clearer picture of the total price tag. Depending on your installer, the price may differ for a package deal as opposed to simply buying the unit from a wholesaler and finding another company to install the unit and ductwork for you.

Another vital element is the model of the gas ducted heating system and its Energy Star rating. The higher the rating, the more expensive the unit may be – but you will end up making your money back with higher efficiency over time.

The final cost will really depend on the capacity and efficiency of the system you are purchasing. On average across the region, residential gas ducted heating systems have been reported to cost:

  • $1250 to $1500 for a 3 Star 14kW system
  • $1500 to $1750 for a 4 Star 14 to 18kW system
  • $2000 to $2500 for a 4-5 Star 23 to 35kW system

When looking at installation, consider also the cost of a zone system, which gives you more climate control options across various rooms. Although it will cost you more upfront, the zoning system will help you save money in the long run by allowing you not to heat unnecessary rooms.

ducted gas heating

Is Gas Ducted Heating the Efficient Choice?

As we have seen, gas ducted heating systems will generally cost more than other systems to install, but the savings really begin to add up when you consider long-term running costs. This is where a long-term focus comes in handy.

An important part of the running cost equation is the size of the property being heated. The bigger the home, the more energy it takes to heat. The higher the star rating on a unit, the more efficient the unit will be at heating the home – and therefore the more you will save in money over time. Smaller gas bills compared with the monthly costs of running a reverse air or split-system will add up to and beyond the initial cost of the purchase and installation.

A study from Sustainability Victoria showed that the cost to heat an average Australian house of 170 square meters cost approximately:

  • $1,055 per year with a 3.5-star energy rated system
  • About $70 less per year with a 5-star energy rated system
  • Approximately $160 less per year with a 6-star energy rated system

Studies also showed that by adding a zoning system to your ducted gas heating system can reduce costs even more when strategically used to heat only the rooms needed. The cost reductions can range from tens to hundreds of dollars a month when properly heated.

ducted gas heating

Learn More About Gas Ducted Heating from the Experts at Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning

The pros and cons of gas ducted heating are important to take into account before purchasing and installing a gas ducted heating system in your home. However, it is clear from the statistics that when done properly, gas heating can keep your home comfortable in the cooler months and keep your budget happy!

Learn more about all things gas ducted heating from the professionals at Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning. As a team who is with you from start to finish, Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning can walk you through the entire process of heating installation – from answering questions to full installation from a team of trained professionals who will treat your home like their own. Head over to Total Electrics & Air-Conditioning to learn more and set up a time to speak with a qualified advisor today.



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